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Wholesale In a Box is a new, small, and growing company. We offer a subscription software and training service that helps makers (like folks you might see on Etsy) get their work into stores. We help our makers to grow their businesses and pursue their dreams. You can see more at We also have a sister company, One Mill School. As a team, we often do work for either or both companies in a given day.

A reality of our company right now is that we’re changing fast, growing fast, and learning on the fly. That means that our team members need to be able to adapt, problem-solve, deal with some amount of ambiguity, and stay positive and solutions-oriented when things are challenging.

Our values:

  • Integrity comes first.

  • Overcommunication is good communication.

  • People over process/profit/product.

  • Strength comes from responding, adapting, experimenting, and doing a lot with a little.

  • We’re professionals -- internally and externally.

  • We bring our true selves to the work.

We are working to make Wholesale In a Box be a vibrant, antiracist, equitable, diverse, inclusive place. The foundations of that vision are our intention, our inquiry within our own practices, and the education and training we prioritize — as well as prioritizing diversity and underrepresented groups in outreach to and engagement of new team members.



Curious what it’s actually like working here? Here are some quotes from our team:

“WIAB is SO amazing to work for, mainly because of our company culture. I love that we want the best for our customers and for each other, professionally and personally. So that means that we're always aiming to help people, and make their lives better (and we do that through improving our product, too). If I'm stressed, I just think to myself "I get to *help* people today." - Simone

“I love having a clear idea of what tasks I need to complete in a given week, but that I am able to organize my schedule on what works best for me. Even though the role is remote, I feel very supported and highly value the open communication our team has.” - Genevieve



This role involves a wide range detail-oriented work that involves a fair amount of thought, care, and a bit of creativity. The work is a mix of data entry, tech setup and management, customer support, and online research. For instance, you might build store profiles for 50+ stores each week, troubleshoot two softwares that stopped linking up, set up new customers in our database, respond to complex customer emails in a thoughtful way, and enter and edit data across softwares.  It involves following a set weekly rhythm with several hours of work on each weekday. In addition to the skills listed in this job description, you'll also need to be able to learn new software -- we'll show you how they work, but it's likely you won't have used them before.

We're looking for someone who has excellent written and spoken English skills, is good at quickly gathering information online in a thoughtful way, and is detail-oriented enough to quickly and accurately write and enter information with very few mistakes and excellent English. We're looking for someone who is excited to learn new skills and get better over time -- and who is great at communicating with a team on successes and challenges in the work. You need to be able to quickly and accurately use Google Docs, Google Calendar, Excel (and similar levels of software), be able to learn new software and technical skills, and have strong research skills.


You are:

  • A strong writer. You’re a professional, warm, effective writer and communicator.

  • Solutions-minded. You’re constantly looking for things that are out of place or could be improved and coming up with ideas to improve them.

  • Diligent. Much of this work involves doing the same thing, carefully, and repeatedly but you are you happy humming along with tasks that others might find boring.

  • Precise. You're thoughtful in everything you do, are very detail-oriented, but also challenge yourself to work fast.

  • Self-directed. You expertly manage your own schedule and goals and are happy working remotely, on your laptop.

  • A Pro Communicator. You can comfortably and quickly write emails that are direct, caring, and enthusiastic.  

  • Adaptable and coachable. You are excited to learn new skills and get better over time -- and are great at communicating with a team on successes and challenges in the work. You ask questions if you're not clear on what you need to do.

  • Computer-savvy. You quickly and accurately use Google Docs, Google Calendar, Excel (and similar levels of software), and have strong research skills. You also learn new software super-easily.


This is a part-time, 10-30 hours-per-week position (most weeks are 15-25 hours), paid by the hour, that we expect to last for a long time to come. There are absolutely opportunities to grow the role in complexity, creativity, and hours per week, depending on your interest. We need you to be available every weekday and, on weekdays, have a 24-hour turnaround time on tasks. Other than that, you can set your own hours, but it's important that you're able to be responsive via email very reliably (within that 24 hour turnaround time) and that you're available every weekday unless you've arranged to be off in advance. You need to have a well-functioning laptop with a great internet connection.

Rate: US $14-15/hour

Employment structure: This role is a part-time, fully remote, flexible, hourly employee position. It is open to anyone around the world, with citizenship from any country. You do need to be legally able to work in the US, with a US address for payroll, so that we can pay you correctly within US law. We warmly welcome applicants from a broad diversity of backgrounds, religions, identities, and experiences, including people of color, veterans, military spouses, individuals with disabilities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and non-binary people, and parents.

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