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Backend Developer - Business Systems

Stockholm ,Sweden



2 months

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Remote Jobs in Sweden


Backend Developer - Business Systems

Location: Stockholm, Sweden Type: Full-time

The team

Our Product Development team consists of around 50 very talented, motivated and humble product managers, engineers, designers and music experts. We strongly believe in Product-Led Growth where product itself is the primary driver of customer acquisition, conversion and expansion. To support that journey we are now strengthening our Business Systems team. 

Today’s customers want to try before they buy a service, so the team constantly optimises our acquisition funnel to make it compelling but also easy to start a trial. During the trial the team focuses on giving new customers a great experience where they quickly find value in our service. Business Systems plays a key role since payments are such an instrumental part in subscription services covering everything from product packaging, trials, promotions and payment methods. 

Another perspective of this is “fair trade music”, where we believe that artists, composers, and songwriters should be compensated fairly. Our Business Systems team plays a crucial role in calculating royalty payments and reporting of these to labels and publishers. In other words, everything we do focus on scalability, maintainability, and the ability to design and build efficient, reliable and maintainable systems.

We strongly believe in self-organizing, autonomous teams with a high degree of responsibility, accountability and freedom. Therefore you will be involved in the teams key decisions, both in architecture and development process, and share the responsibility to deliver superb solutions with your extremely dedicated colleagues.

We are a data driven company that combines larger strategic projects with smaller incremental improvements that fuels our different A/B tests. To do so, we utilize a variety of programming languages and platforms. Our services are written in Go, Scala and Elixir running on the Google Cloud Platform (App Engine and Kubernetes) and are tied together via REST, GraphQL, gRPC and PubSub. We utilize Cloud SQL and Cloud Firestore as our transactional data services. For monitoring and logging, we rely heavily on Loki and Grafana. For data processing, analysis and reporting we use Google Dataflow, BigQuery, DataStudio and Tableau. Our front-end is written in JavaScript (ES6) and built around React and Redux. All our teams are full-stack oriented and are responsible for a particular domain end-to-end. In this particular role, you will mostly work with back-end services written in Go either running on AppEngine or on Kubernetes, but you will also work with monitoring, logging and data processing/analysis. We strongly believe in infrastructure as code, why we define and create all our services’ infrastructure using Terraform. 


You're friendly, pragmatic, professional, precise and fun to work with. Also, you are probably comfortable with describing yourself as:

  • An excellent communicator inside the team, as well as outside of it. You love to discuss different solutions and strategies for technical challenges.

  • Being used to working independently and planning your own time and efforts.

  • Believing that having diversity in perspective and experience will make for a better workplace for employees and a better product for our users.

  • A person with an agile mindset who is comfortable thinking outside the box.

  • An open person who says what you mean and means what you say.

  • Ready to get your hands dirty and join a team of doers!

Required experience

  • Strong background in software engineering, e.g., a CS degree or equivalent fundamentals.

  • A business-oriented approach when it comes to data modelling, monitoring and analysis.

  • Professional experience of one or several relevant areas:

    • Designing, building and scaling robust, integration heavy, distributed systems and microservice using REST or gRPC.

    • Cloud-based back-end services using serverless technologies like Google AppEngine or Kubernetes.

    • Data modeling and processing services like CloudSql, Firestore, BigQuery and Apache Beam (Dataflow).

    • Business oriented auditing and observability using Grafana and Prometheus/Loki.

    • Experience with unit, integration and load testing.

    • Familiar with agile development methods like Scrum or Kanban or variations thereof.

Ticked some or most of the boxes above? Then don't hesitate to apply!

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