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C# Unity Program... you know what, how about you click me...

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C# Unity Program... you know what, how about you click me...

Location: Remote Type: Full Time

Well hello there, I see you have fallen for my trap... this because you already are an awesome programmer, so let's make you an awesome programmer working on a team on an awesome game!

Ok, too many "awesomes", I'll tone it down a bit... I paid $450 fucking dollaridoos on this post so I might as well take advantage of it :D

So here's the thing, we should work together... But before that...

Hi, I'm Nick, the founder of a little game development "studio" composed out of people from all over the world called "Those Awesome Guys" We are a bunch of weirdos working from our living rooms on our own schedule trying to make experimental games in the process.

We're looking for an - awesome - Unity programmer to fill in a full-time paid spot for an unannounced title (you see, things sound much more professional if you say "unannounced").

That being said, check out what we worked on before

What we're looking for

We are working on a top down combat & management focused game running on C# and we are looking for you to join the team so you can help us with gameplay programming, while also creating tools & systems for designers to tweak things.


  • C#
  • Knowing Unity in and out
  • Gameplay programming while creating tidy systems
  • A deep passion for keeping things running at high framerates
  • Good naming practices

Bonus points (in form of monies) for:

  • Game\Level Design interests
  • Ability to put up with our sense of humor
  • Keeping your code clean and nicely documented


  • Spot: Unity Programmer
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Remote work (online)
  • Duration: Indefinite (you get to keep your soul)
  • Payment: Email me for more details


If you are interested in the spot, shoot me an email at [email protected]

We don't really care about diplomas or other pieces of paper, we like to see actual projects you've worked on. So as a famous floating space head once said = "SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT" =

Looking forward to seeing those Emails and PM's :D Keep being awesome!

~ Nicolae Berbece (Xelu) Those Awesome Guys

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