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3 months
Location: Global Type: Full-time

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We are looking for a data scientist who is highly proficient in R (actually, lives and breaths R) and wants to be a part of a research team that helps clients make difficult decisions and automate our research capabilities.

This role consists of three primary domains:
- Building, improving and maintaining our internal R infrastructure, which currently includes 10+ packages that are always under active development
- Executing and interpreting data analyses (using the functions and packages that you’ve built yourself!) to advise our research managers
    * Includes (survey) data processing, tidying, reshaping and visualising
- Developing and building new research models, grounded in statistical best practices, along with being able to explain them to members of our research team

The skill set for this role should include:
- Analyzing (survey) data in R
    *  Highly fluent in tidyverse: dplyr, tidyr, haven, purrr
    *  Able to transform wide format into long format and vice versa
    *  Able to join datasets together with the appropriate type of join
    *  Able to group, filter and summarize data
    *  Able to work with (nested) lists and the purrr function family
    *  Able to work with strings and regex patterns
    *  Able to work with metadata (e.g. column labels, data recoding)
    *  Ability to judge data and respondent quality
- R software development
    * Driving internal code development
    * Writing clean, properly formatted and commented code
    * Delivering code with tests and examples
    * Providing extensive documentation in the form of vignettes
    * Packaging code and automating checks with CI solutions
    * Experience with git
    * Constantly willing to learn and stay up to date with latest developments in R
- Statistical inference:
    * Experience with the creation of classification, regression and clustering models
    * Experience with the GLM family (gaussian, poisson, binomial, survival, and ordinal models) as well as hierarchical models
    * Ability to explain and synthesize the results of statistical models to a non-statistician
- Visualization:
    * Deep familiarity and expertise in the ggplot2 library
    * Able to produce visually appealing and effective plots
- Nice to have:
   * Familiarity with designing and analyzing survey experiments, including but not limited to:
   * Discrete choice experiments (e.g., conjoint, MaxDiff)
   * Randomized control trials
   * Message and persuasion testing
   * Familiarity with survey design platforms (e.g., Qualtrics)
   * Experience in creating and working with APIs
   * Experience with AWS cloud computing provider

Employment conditions

- Based anywhere, working hours in EU or North American time zones (ET +- 6 hours).
- Comfortable with permanent remote arrangement
- Open to a 90 day trial period
- Competitive salary, depending on location and experience
- Flexible working hours
- Lean SCRUM points system
- Unlimited days off
- Spoken and written language: English
- Bi-annual live meet-up trips with the entire team
- We’ve already visited New York, Paris and the Rocky Mountains! Maybe your home town can be next, if you can convince us of how awesome it is

Why we think we’re special
Gradient is a truly unique company, and we intend to keep it that way. We value both independence and collaboration — meaning you can do what you need to do to solve a problem, but you have all the tools and expertise at your disposal to get it done. You’ll be part of our growth and will help craft our legacy.

You’ll learn something new every single day by solving problems that rarely have a clear solution. And if you don’t know something, we’ll give you the resources you need to figure it out. We love books, classes, and workshops.We’ll take good care of you with a competitive salary, healthcare coverage, unlimited time off, and a flexible schedule that allows you to be a real person too.

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