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XinFin[XDC] Network

DeFi Tech Head - XinFin[XDC] Network

2 months

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DeFi Tech Head - XinFin[XDC] Network

Location: Remote Type: Full Time

XinFin Network is an enterprise grade hybrid blockchain network with a live and stable public network since Mid 2019. XinFin Network is a partner of R3 corda network which is building bridge with the corda ecosystem. This architecture makes XinFin Network a true Hybrid blockchain ready for enterprise adoption.

Decentralised Finance is the next big thing in Blockchain and one of the strongest and successful use cases of Blockchain and Digital asset ecosystem. Analysts predict that DeFi will go on to power the entire financial markets which transaction 100 Trillion USD+ every year.

XinFin is looking for a DeFi Tech head who will lead the DeFi ecosystem on XinFin Network.

DeFi ecosystem on XinFin Network would consist of following :

  • Mint synthetic USD (xstable) stablecoin by collaterilsing XDC
  • Generate yield on (xstable) by staking it across lending ecosystem - this is where (xstable can lend)
  • Add support for SGDg and EURg in XinFin DeFi ecosystem (These are stablecoins by Globiance running on XDC Network)
  • Enable staking on SGDg and EURg
  • Smart contract for liquidity pools for (xstable)/SGDg and (xstable)/EURg
  • Actively involve community in testing DeFi contracts and ensure they have best UI for accessibility
  • Engage with Asset managers, fund managers, financial institutions, Digital asset/crypto exchanges, digital asset custodians who can offer the DeFi stack/protocol to their own customers

Main Features in DeFi project are :

  • Synthetic Assets - These token assets imitate a real world asset or digital asset by using its price feed
  • Decentralised Exchange : Such synthetic assets to be exchanged via decentralised exchange
  • Wrapped assets : Wrapped token assets are minted 1:1 with an actual peg to the asset, such as fiat money for stablecoins, gold, Bitcoin
  • Yield Farming : Yield farming contracts enable p2p users in choosing their own yield generating origination

Reference Projects :








You a fit if :You eat, live and breathe tech and code, especially github, gitlab

Location : Anywhere, Remote *** Please note this is a full-time onsite or remote position and no visa or relocation support will be provided.***

Employment Type Full-time

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