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DevOps Engineer








1 year
Location: Type: Full-time

After your morning coffee, you'll be expected to...

  • Monitor existing automation and CI/CD infrastructure

  • Make sure continuous integration and deployment pipelines are operational

  • Automate provisioning and similar processes

  • Design, implement and roll out new infrastructure-as-code modules in order to automate manual routines and recurring tasks

  • Maintain test automation for a variety of software components

  • Integrate tools, services, providers, real-device testing automation

  • Set up build runners for multiple configurations, architectures and different test targets

  • Automate delivery of build artifacts for testing as well as publishing

  • Vendor with upstream open-source repositories

  • Support other technicians like developers and infrastructure engineers

  • Continuously improve code, processes and service quality

What you bring to the table...

  • Strong background in Linux use, preferably Debian

  • Professional experience with at least one infrastructure-as-code tool stack

  • Proficient in Unix shell and at least one other programming language such as Python

  • Experience with software development for automation scripting

  • Well-versed with Git, branching strategies and versioning

  • Experience in operating continuous integration tools (like GitLab CI, Jenkins etc)

  • Proficiency with instrumenting web-based APIs (of services like GitLab etc)

  • Experience with virtualization and containers (like Docker etc)

  • Comfortable with remote work supported by issue tracking systems and documenting work in writing in English

  • Comfortable with major technical responsibility

  • Self-sufficient and self-motivated

It's awesome, but not required, if you know have...

  • Good understanding of web-related protocols

  • Experience with packaging and deployment of artifacts on multiple platforms (like deb, rpm, apk, aar, etc)

  • Experience with versioned artifact publishing (like APT, Maven, etc)

  • Full-stack open-source software development experience

  • Experience in mitigating major IT incidents in the past

  • Previous experience working with or as a System Architect

  • Previous experience working with or as a Software Architect

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