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DevOps Engineer





3 months
Location: Type: Full-time

We are looking for a seasoned DevOps Engineer with significant skills and experience. Pay will be in accordance with abilities, skills, experience, hustle, leadership, level of English proficiency and location. 

  • Not accepting North American applicants. 

  • Full time - we expect people to put in 40 hrs a week or more

  • Fully Remote.

  • No agencies.

  • Salary: $25-$45/hr USD as a contractor - depending on skills, speed, experience, proficiency in our tech stack, location, English fluency, leadership abilities, work hustle & drive, personality, plusses listed, etc...

  • Equity is also available for outstanding applicants and those with leadership abilities - people who can take on a leadership role.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Is an open minded person.

  • Is an eager and quick learner.

  • Is a PhD of Googling

  • Can debug an issue anywhere: backend, frontend, platform.

  • Can communicate efficiently.

  • Can work independently when needed.

  • Has clear thinking under pressure.

Must have professional experience in the following:

  • Django OR Flask experience

  • Docker: Dockerfiles + containers orchestration of choice (docker-compose, ECS, kubernetes)

  • AWS OR Azure OR Google cloud

  • Git: basic ops + history manipulation (rebase, interactive rebase, stashing, patches)

The Ideal Candidate also has solid understanding and usage experience of most of the following technologies while willing to learn the rest:


  • Django

  • Django Rest Framework

  • pip8

  • pytest

  • flake8

  • mypy, typing

  • pdb


  • node

  • npm

  • react


  • Designing docker images

  • docker-compose

  • WSL2+docker

Linux administration 

  • Bash Shell

  • make


  • Advanced history manipulation


  • Basic DBA skills


  • CloudFormation

  • CloudFront

  • Lambda

  • API Gateways

  • ECR+ECS+Fargate

  • Secrets Manager and Systems Manager

  • Event Bus

  • IAM

  • and more...

Serverless Framework

Extra tech and experience is a plus.

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