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EF Capital Investment Advisor

Location: Global Type: Full-time

We are looking to bring on two talented hires to join our EF Capital sales team starting June 1st, 2021.

While the role will require you to put in a good amount of hours during US time zones, the role itself is location independent, allowing you to work and live anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a beach in Bali, the side-streets of Tokyo, or a villa in Mexico – the choice is yours.

We’re looking for entrepreneurial self-starters, excited about building a new division of an established, exciting internet company. You’ll help build this new venture from the ground up, but with the guidance and expertise of a management team who’s already done it successfully.

Here is a list of daily tasks we’ll expect from you (not exhaustive and subject to change):

  • Take calls with potential operators and answering their questions on how we structure investment deals and how they can participate
  • Call potential investors who have expressed interest in investing and guiding them to the next step in our sales funnel
  • Return emails to potential operators or investors who are looking at using our platform, but still have questions about our process
  • Work closely with our team to improve marketing based on your conversations with investors and operators 
  • Figure out ways to improve our existing process to make it a better experience for both investors and operators


You’ll be joining a very fast-paced team in a high-growth environment. The work will be challenging and you may find yourself wearing several different hats along the way.

While we have the support and backing of a larger established company and brand, it’s not wrong to say this will compare closely to a rapidly growing startup in the financial services sector.

Your work ethic and skill-set will have a direct impact on our growth. You’ll gain access to our Rolodex, receive direct training, mentorship and support, and gain valuable insights into the online business space that no course could ever teach you.  

You’ll be working right away with savvy investors, successful entrepreneurs running dozens or hundreds of sites, and portfolio owners and management teams running global product brands.

An Investment Advisor is a sales professional who works directly with portfolio managers (operators) and investors on the EF Capital platform. 

You will be responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with online entrepreneurs who want to operate portfolios for EF Capital. 

You will also be responsible for working with existing and new investors who wish to passively invest in online businesses. 

This includes explaining EF Capital terms, processes, and the benefits of working with us. The person in this role must love talking with people. 

While no previous work experience is needed, experience in sales is a big plus. Any background in e-commerce or online business is also helpful. However, we are looking to train the right person, so if you don’t have that experience, don’t let it stop you from applying. 

You must love talking with people. You need to be able to pick up the phone and call someone who doesn’t know you and see how they are doing. This isn’t cold-calling, everyone you call will have expressed some interest in working with EF Capital and have given out their phone number, so they will be familiar with the company. It is your task to make sure they understand our processes and see why we are someone they want to work with.

You can spot risks and opportunities. Every day, you will speak with investors and entrepreneurs about scaling businesses, liabilities, and how good certain assets are as an investment. Over time, you will need to be able to spot genuine risks and opportunities with online businesses. You will need to be able to confidently tell the entire story behind each potential investment opportunity. While investing in online businesses can bring great returns, it can also be a volatile space to play in.

You’re a problem solver. Investing in these businesses can be a very important decision and a very intimate experience for entrepreneurs and operators on the other side of the deal. That means you will face obstacles and challenges. It will be up to you to make sure those challenges are met head-on and solved for all parties in the deal.

To learn more and to apply, visit us at:

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