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EF Capital Investment Analyst

Location: Global Type: Full-time

An Investment Analyst works directly with operators on the EF Capital platform. 

You will be responsible for vetting the track record of successful online entrepreneurs who want to operate portfolios for EF Capital. This includes analyzing their current and past business performance to evaluate whether they are a good fit for our program. 

You will also be responsible for working with existing operators to help with due diligence on new business acquisitions and generate quarterly performance reports for investors. 

If you’re selected, and after a six month probationary period – assuming it’s a good fit for everyone – you will be invited to join our team officially, where you will become a fully fledged Investment Advisor.

When you first come on board as an Investment Advisor, you will start learning more about our industry before jumping into the job. First you will learn about the different types of online businesses available for sale on Empire Flippers. Then you will learn about EF Capital. You will become well versed in all of our processes, from how investments are structured down to intricacies of business acquisitions.

Once you have the basics down, we will train you how to value online businesses and evaluate past performance. You will spend a lot of time working with numbers in Google Sheets. This is not a sales role but you must be very comfortable on the phone and willing to reach out to clients when needed. 

You might be wondering, though … what will your daily work routine really look like once you’re up and going?

Here is a list of daily tasks we’ll expect from you (not exhaustive and subject to change):

  • Building a P&L on a potential operator’s previous business to help us decide whether to accept them for EF Capital
  • Hosting calls with potential operators to discuss their previous or current portfolio performance to understand the risks of their strategy 
  • Evaluating an existing operator’s acquisition target and helping the operator project returns to investors based on different variables such as growth and purchase multiple
  • Working with third party accounting firms and existing operators to put together financial statements and quarterly update reports for investors
  • Figuring out ways to improve our existing process to maximize investor returns and create a better experience for operators

We believe in hiring people who are a good fit with us culturally. We want people who are hungry to learn, but also people that will be fun to work with.

However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for a certain kind of skill-set.

While no previous work experience is needed, experience in an analytical role is a big plus. Any background in e-commerce or online business is also helpful. However, we are looking to train the right person, so if you don’t have that experience, don’t let it stop you from applying.

You must be comfortable talking and with people. You need to be able to pick up the phone and call someone to work through complex issues.

You need to be detail-oriented. Being an analyst is a meticulous job. You will be pouring through spreadsheets, traffic analytics, and revenue data, day in and day out. It is up to you to spot errors, inconsistencies, or when something just doesn’t feel “right.”

Every day, you will speak with entrepreneurs about scaling businesses, liabilities, and how good certain assets are as an investment. Over time, you will need to be able to spot genuine risks and opportunities with online businesses. You will need to be able to confidently analyze each potential opportunity and make a recommendation. While investing in online businesses can bring great returns, it can also be a volatile space to play in.

We take a consultative approach with customers. We’re not trying to fit square pegs into round holes. We truly believe that the best experience includes transparency – which sometimes means letting the other person know why they shouldn’t do the deal.

You’re a problem solver. Investing in these businesses can be a very important decision and a very intimate experience for entrepreneurs. That means you will face obstacles and challenges. It will be up to you to make sure those challenges are met head-on and solved for all parties in the deal.

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