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Engineering Productivity, DevOp

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Engineering Productivity, DevOp

Location: Mountain View, CA Type: Full-time


We are a well funded and rapidly growing startup in the hardware and software design space, working to solve the bottlenecks in the next generation of datacenter infrastructure and founded by a team of experienced innovators.


Join us as a Software Engineer or DevOp in our Productivity Engineering team!

We are looking for talented, high-energy, highly collaborative candidates with experience administering linux boxes as well as cloud deployments, capable of creating micro-service based self-service and automated systems to manage our machines and development pipelines, as well as supporting our team in the day to day operations and development tasks, by bringing in innovation and some of the latest technologies.


The ideal candidate:

  • Understands the ins and outs of a linux system, understands containers, package management, does not fear changing pam or nsswitch configuration files, learning or using ssh certs, and is comfortable using mdadm, lvm, having read only partitions, or changing the boot sequence of our machines.

  • Knows how to deploy and run software in a production environment. Is comfortable using docker and/or k8, is familiar with building and running CI/CD pipelines, integrating with git and github, does not shy away from helm charts, GCP or AWS as well as in house clusters.

  • Knows how to manage a fleet of machines/VMs/containers. With tools like cfengine, packer, ansible, qemu/libvirt, and a build system based on bazel all in the picture.

  • Is an effective coder. Doing things is not enough: does not rest until the task can be automated with a shell script, a golang sidecar or operator, or until the task can be made self service via a small UI or through integration in existing tools. Strong with shell scripting, has experience in at least another language (golang, python, C++, perl, ...), but knows or is willing to learn golang.

  • Would be comfortable writing monitoring consoles based on prometheus, grafana, and cloud monitoring tools, as well as setting up and handling alerts from pager duty (off-working hours oncall not a requirement).

  • Can help with day to day needs to help our teams succeed. Things like gsuite configurations, SSO, checking out logs to track down an event, or managing github policies and configs.

  • Has 3+ years of industry experience.

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