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Full-Stack Engineer (NodeJs / React / MongoDb)







9 months

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Full-Stack Engineer (NodeJs / React / MongoDb)

Location: Global Type: Full-time

Headquarters: London (UK) 



We're looking for an experienced Full-Stack Engineer to help us shape a product of lasting value for our customers. If you were to join Cogsy today, you'd have the chance to join a fully funded startup at early stages.


You're likely a good fit for this position if you:


  • Read these values and they resonate with you.
  • Are a true product builder and can make progress both independently and within a team.
  • Have some professional experience.
  • Take action and pay attention to detail.
  • Have superior communication skills.
  • Love learning new technologies.
  • Are self-motivated and feel comfortable working effectively in a 100% remote environment.



You will be responsible for building new iterations of Cogsy’s code. This includes but is not limited to:


  • Full-Stack product development.
  • Maintain the infrastructure as code.
  • Lead and scope technical projects.
  • Coordinate with Frontend Engineers to improve our APIs.

These are some of the tools we work with every day:


  • NodeJs
  • MongoDb
  • RabbitMq
  • React + GraphQL + Tailwind
  • Heroku + AWS

We don’t expect you to be proficient in all these technologies, just to have some professional experience and be willing to learn what we use daily.


This is a remote position and you can work from wherever. It is however important that we maintain connectedness as a team and have sufficient time for synchronous work too. We'd prefer team members that are on CET or EST (or +- 1 hour difference) or work on those schedules, as that means that there is 3 / 4 hours overlap for the whole team every day.




70-110,000 USD depending on level of seniority / experience. We'll assess seniority during the interview and a brief test project.




  • True flexible work: Work whenever and wherever your work best, taking into account some overlap time every day to stay aligned as a team.
  • Trust-based autonomy. You’re the expert in your domain. We trust you to solve challenges the way you feel is best. Count on the rest of the team to support you when you need, but never micromanage you.
  • Diverse team: You’ll be working with a diverse team from a range of countries and backgrounds. Making Cogsy an inclusive workplace is a top priority.
  • Paid for retreats: Once global travel is open again, we'll do week-long team retreats in fun locations.
  • Flexible holiday policy: Take time off whenever you need to recharge or attend to other matters. The team will hold you accountable to taking a minimum amount of time off in any rolling 12-month window.
  • Parental leave for those individuals that plan to discover the joys of having (more) children.
  • Health insurance (powered by Safety Wing) tailored for remote team members, whether you're at home, traveling or being a nomad.
  • Monthly learning and wellness allowance. Buy books, pay for your yoga class or get a Calm subscription for greater mindfulness. We’ll cover whatever helps you develop as an individual and become the best you.
  • We are a life- and family-first company that seeks meaningful experiences outside of work and we endeavor to help our customers do the same.

Does this sound like you? Want to be part of a self-motivated, empathetic, nimble team working to build something big? If that sounds like something you want to be part of, we want to hear from you.

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