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Help healing people as developer - Remote/EU

Cologne ,Germany

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Remote Jobs in Germany


Help healing people as developer - Remote/EU

Location: Cologne, Germany Type: Full-time

Our offer

At BetterDoc, you will work to deliver value, not to fulfil a spec. We value curiosity, the will to learn and the drive to deliver great software. We look for people that want to see their influence on what was created and who are proud of their craft.

We do not split work by technical layers -- this means that as a developer, you will see code for both the frontend and the backend, as well as the server runtime. Colleagues can set a focus on technical topics, but everybody is expected to cover a broad technical portfolio.

As a Developer at BetterDoc, you will be part of small project teams. These cross-functional teams delivering value in focused, self-managed projects.

In every project team we have people working remotely, making written communication very important. You should be able to express proposals and decisions, as well as task descriptions in written form. Team language is english, being able to communicate in german is a plus.

When people are not working on projects, they either join colleagues on a task currently in progress, or start a new task that is in our prioritised queue of upcoming tasks.

All work is visualised on a shared board, so that it is easy to spot who is working an what adn wher

At BetterDoc, a developer should

  • be self-motivated;

  • write code in a sustainable way;

  • understand and embrace architectural guidelines;

  • be proficient in one or more programming language;

  • work with subject matter experts;

  • review pull requests of other team members;

  • be able to participate in all phases of the development process; and

  • help juniors improve their skills.

  • (Senior) lead project teams

  • (Senior) guide development of services across projects

  • (Senior) own technical topics

Technology, your impact

We develop a web based solution, using a Microservice setup. Services deliver small UI parts that are combined into workplaces used by our colleagues to serve patients. The vast majority of our code is written in Ruby and Elixir, along with with a small amount of CSS and Javascript needed.

Our setup is currently hosted on AWS, maintained by our team using Terraform. Some team members specialise in this, but no formal division between operations and development exists - this is what we mean when calling something "DevOps".

We value testing and clear code, have a PR process, encourage pair programming, and have automated builds and deployments in place.

Team members have direct impact on our development processes and tooling, by following their own interests with their 20% time projects, wich ofter results in the complete team adopting new technologies.

All team members are encouraged to come forward with idea on how to improve (preferable remove!) processes and rules for our team, and the management will get things in place so that you can do your work - this is what they are here for.

Remote work, your location

We support fully remote work, in addition to our office in Cologne, Germany.

Although we support fully remote work, we cannot allow developers to work from non-EU countries, for legal reasons.

Please be aware that if you do not live in a country belonging to EU or are planning to move to the EU, we cannot follow up on your application.

Freelancing or Employment?

For German residents, we offer a traditional employment contract. For people working from other countries within the EU, we offer long-term freelancing contracts.

How does the hiring process look like?

If we find that your CV and introduction letter pare promising, we will have an 1:1 interview with you, remotely, where we ask some questions about your skills and CV and give you more insights into how BetterDoc and our team works. Of course, if you have questions, we can address them in this meeting.

If the first interview worked well, we might invite you to do a small code challenge. This is a small programming task that should be done in Ruby or Elixir, over the course of a week. We do not want you to put a lot of time into it, so we time-box the task to eight hours.

With the results, you will meet some team members that you will present your solution to, giving them a change to check your skill level, as well as to have a welcome code-related topic to talk and get to know each other a bit better.

After you have cleared this stage, will start to talk about details of your contract, and we start to talk about your compensation and details of where we see you fit into the team.

You will have a non-formal meeting with a management team member, before you meet our team, traditionally at the deme meeting for the Learning and Innovation Fridays. This should give you an idea how the people tick.

Once we have cleared all this, and we all agree that this will work, we will send you the signed contract.

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