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Junior Software Engineer - Australia

Brisbane ,Australia




5 months

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Remote Jobs in Australia


Junior Software Engineer - Australia

Location: Brisbane, Australia Type: Full-time

The best product development job in the world? We think so.  

We are looking for people who live and work in Australia to join our remote-first team. You will be working on Octopus Deploy, the most popular deployment automation tool in the world. This means everything you do will positively affect the lives of thousands of software developers and operations teams around the world.

Read our employee handbook our people repository to discover what it's like working at Octopus.

You will join one of our development teams to work on Octopus Server. We work in 8-week cycles, focusing on directed work for 6-weeks. The other 2-weeks are for you to "sharpen your saw", working on your growth so you become more effective at your job. We remove unnecessary obstacles so you can work directly with customers who are developers just like us. Our teams are software tradespeople who care about doing things right the first time. You will probably be surprised at how collaboratively we work both inside and across our teams, even though our teams work remotely. We take pride in our hard-earned, friendly, consensus-building, and ever-improving remote-first culture.

Working at Octopus may be different from any other job you’ve had before. In many companies, software engineers are treated as an expense to reduce or a revenue stream to increase. In contrast, Octopus is a product company built from the ground up by engineers, for engineers. At Octopus your effort will be appreciated because you are adding value to our products, which are our assets. Also, our customers are people just like us. This makes it easy to relate to our customers and understand what they care about most.

Octopus is not done. Many of us came to Octopus thinking “it does everything I want, how can I possibly help?” Continual changes in the software landscape present a constant stream of opportunities for us to explore. We will continue to make Octopus the best tool in its class by increasing the value Octopus offers, pushing into new territory beyond deployment automation, all the while making Octopus easier and more delightful to use for both simple and complex scenarios alike. If you like solving distributed computing problems, building delightful user experiences, or anything in between, you can do that with us.

Octopus is not a startup. We do not need venture capital, we have been a sustainably profitable business from day one. We care about building a sustainable company and we do this by helping customers succeed, leaving increased revenue as a happy byproduct.

A typical day might include

  • Working where you work best, perhaps in a home office designed by you, using a device of your choosing, with or without music, in an atmosphere you create for yourself.

  • Changing source code hosted in GitHub, most of it in the open, collaborating on a pull-request, then shipping a release to customers around the world via an automated build, test, and delivery pipeline, often within the same day.

  • Working with your mentor to fix a bug using an approach like red-green-refactor to prevent customers from experiencing that bug again.

  • Attending an internal workshop held by some of the leading engineers in the industry

  • Learning a functional language so you can apply that thinking to our code base

  • Building tools to help the team work more effectively.

  • Improving our documentation to help customers discover solutions for themselves, and learn how to use Octopus for more complicated workflows.

  • Writing a blog post about something interesting for other developers, or explaining a new feature of Octopus.

You will be a great fit for this role if

  • You have 1 to 3 years of professional software development experience.

  • You enjoy experimenting with software and have a drive to learn.

  • You enjoy automating things like builds, tests, deployments, infrastructure, and operational tasks.

  • You enjoy collaborating with other people to solve problems, challenging each other to discover the best solution for a problem, using a balance of passion, pragmatism, and empathy.

  • You are a results-oriented person, someone who is focused on iteratively delivering valuable things to your customers, someone who willingly changes direction based on clear and transparent business information, and someone who helps others do the same.

  • You are able to work independently, motivating yourself to do high-quality work on time, communicating with your teammates when you need help or when you are ready for something new.

You will enjoy this role if

  • You like a balance of freedom and responsibility, being treated as an adult.

  • You like getting a deep understanding of the problem before diving in and fixing it

  • You enthusiastically accept radically candid feedback, feedback that is thoughtful, timely, and directly actionable, and offer the same benefit to others.

  • You want to do your best work with other like-minded people.

  • You enjoy doing things the right way from the very beginning knowing you are working on a valuable asset.

  • You enjoy working with great tools and modern programming frameworks in the development environment of your choice.

  • You enjoy collaborating with customers and co-workers to find the best solution, not just the obvious one.

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