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Lead Software Engineer

Location: Media, PA Type: Full-time

Job Title: Lead Software Engineer - Backend

Location: Corporate

Department: Information Technology

FLSA: Exempt

Band: Specialist

Job Last Reviewed: Aug 2021

Job Summary: The Backend Technical Lead will be actively involved in leading the design, development and support of backend systems within Wawa. As a technical lead in a given area, this role would work with appropriate product owners to define and design solutions to meet the business needs while working with and mentoring a team to implement the solution and ensure it continues to meet expectations.

Principal Duties:

· Operate as a key technical resource in an agile team, working with product owners and other team members to design and implement features that meet the business and technical requirements.

· Provide a leadership and mentoring role for other team members to continually improve the team and ensure that individuals grow with the organization.

· Complete technical designs as required that provide a detailed view of a solution and a solution ecosystem that can then be implemented and evolve as business and technical needs change.

· Decompose abstract business features into associated stories with the product owner to implement with the team using agile delivery.

· Define RESTful APIs and Domain Events using industry standards.

· Apply DevOps techniques to deliver code quickly and securely in a cloud-based PCI environment.

· Work with team members to define and implement test plans and automation using techniques like TDD and BDD.

· Operate in a cloud-based PCI regulated environment and collaborate with other teams to ensure security and security standards are always considered with every change.

· Participate in community of practice with other engineers to help drive the technical roadmap of the organization.

· Be responsible for ensuring performance metrics are maintained and performance SLAs are met. This includes designing and implementing performance test automation.

· Be responsible for monitoring and observability of owned systems including monitoring for abnormalities and alerting.

· Collaborating with L1/L2/L3 teams to drive a resolution and root cause analysis.

· Ensure all documentation is up to date to support teams and systems including designs, runbooks and developer guides.

· Stay up to date with relevant technologies and software development trends.

· Evaluate tools and platforms for fit and ensure the tools and platforms are supported and approved for use within Wawa.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or a technical discipline preferred (e.g., engineering) or equivalent.

  • A minimum of 7 years experience of relevant experience

  • Polyglot knowledge of multiple programming languages with a focus on Java.

  • Fluent in multiple technologies (Frameworks, Java, JavaScript, SpringBoot, REST API, Graph QL, SQL, NoSQL, Graph DB’s, etc.).

Desired Qualifications:

  • Understanding of retail and retail systems and processes.

  • Understanding of SOLID and other OO design principles.

  • Knowledge and experience with building RESTful APIs that are secure, isolated and event driven.

  • Experience with OpenAPI and API first development.

  • Understanding of microservices architecture patterns pattern like Service Discovery/API Gateway/Domain Driven Design etc

  • Strong hands on usage of containers including tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, ECS/ECR, OpenShift, LXC and other related technologies and tools.

  • Hands on knowledge of event driven architectures including technologies like Avro, Kafka, Kinesis as well as RabbitMQ/ActiveMQ.

  • Hands on with automated testing frameworks and tooling to support BDD, TDD and ATDD including Cucumber, Postman etc.

  • Knowledge and practical experience of database change management tools like but not limited to Liquibase and FlywayDB.

  • Knowledge and use of performance testing techniques as well as tools including k6, Gatling/Locust/JMeter.

  • Understanding of cloud IaaS technologies (AWS) including VPCs, Subnets, IAM, SG, RDS, MSK, EKS.

  • Experience with security mechanisms including mTLS, x509, OpenID Connect, JWT/JWE, OAuth2, PEP/PDP, SAML, WS-Security, Basic Auth and ABAC/RBAC based policies.

  • Experience with continuous delivery (CD) concepts including CodeFresh, Jenkins, GitLab, Travis CI, GoCD and others.

  • Experience with Linux scripting including Bash and KShell.

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