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Mid/Senior Level JavaScript FullStack Engineer






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Mid/Senior Level JavaScript FullStack Engineer

Location: Type: Full-time

Findify is a startup building an AI-assisted personalization and search service for e-commerce. As demand for our product continues to increase, we are on a journey to grow the team substantially in 2021 and beyond.

We’d love for you to join us!!

As a Mid or Senior JS Full Stack Engineer, you will play a key part in developing the Findify product. You will collaborate with the rest of the engineering and the CTO to make the right strategic tech decisions, be the link between tech and business and support the learning and growth of the team around you.

What you'll do:

  • Design front-end and back-end architecture

  • Develop and maintain front-end applications

  • Develop and maintain back-end services

  • Develop and manage a (Postgres) SQL schema

  • Write effective APIs

  • Write technical documentation

Who You Are:

  • Good at self-management, with experience working across the whole stack (but with maybe still with a preference of front or back end) and driving projects from start to finish

  • A team player; you are comfortable working with different styles and believe (like us) that together we achieve much more than alone

  • A great communicator; you are comfortable communicating in English both written and oral, including leading meetings, selling your ideas and storytelling

  • A skilled programmer with extensive Javascript/Typescript experience.

You have:


  • 3+ years (Mid) or 6+ years (Senior) experience in writing type-safe code (typescript/flow)

  • Experience in dockerizing JS apps

  • Experience in writing unit/integration tests for JS apps (mocha, jest ...etc)

  • Experience in working with CI/CD pipelines (CircleCI, Jenkins, Travis ...etc)


  • NodeJS, any web framework for NodeJS

  • Experience in building HTTP REST APIs

  • Relational SQL databases. Experience in writing complex SQL queries and building relational schemas (experience with PostgreSQL is a plus)


  • Excellent knowledge of React.js and its ecosystem

  • Experience with any state managers (redux/mobx/effector ...etc)

  • CSS, experience with any CSS processor (postcss, sass ...etc) and CSS-in-JS libraries

We would be extra impressed if you also have:

  • Experience with Docker

  • Experience with Kubernetes

  • Experience with any cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud ...etc)

  • Experience in working with queues (SQS, RabbitMQ, Kafka, ... etc)

  • Experience in website optimization and debugging (Rendering flow, load balancing, javascript execution)

  • Understanding of Serverside rendering (SSR)

  • Experience with Vue, Svelte or Angular apps

  • Experience in configuring and optimizing webpack (other bundlers as a bonus)

  • Functional programming(lambdas, composition, currying etc)

  • Understanding of immutability in JS(immutable.js, immer, object.freeze)

What We Value:

  • Ownership; You own your work. You are an active participant in product development.

  • Innovation; We welcome new ideas, technical and otherwise. Everything is open for discussion.

  • Quality; We value quality above speed. It is always a fine line between business impact and technical debt and we believe if we work on the right things, we can take more time to do things the right way.

Location: remote. Flexible within timezone CET +/-2

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