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Open Source Software Engineer

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To reduce reliance on proprietary and custom software and pioneer its FOSS journey, Daimler TSS is looking for open source engineers as part of Daimlers open source strategy, that can take open source projects, change, extend and adapt them for Daimlers internal use.

We adapt the open source working model here, and mainly perform the development in the open source, where our changes are contributed back to upstream projects. The exact projects that will be worked on, will be adapted to the strategy and you should expect to work with variety of open source projects.

- Projects based on opensource projects.

- Open source working model: issues/PR and asynchronous communication as typically observed in the open source world

- Distributed teams, especially when dealing with upstream projects

- Contribute to strategic open source projects

- Develop and shape products based on open source projects for Daimler

- Projects from different domains

- Deal with wide range of software stacks  (backend, frontend, webapps, distributed systems, connected Vehicle)


- Full stack experience is highly recommended

- Good understanding of open source Software

- Good understanding of contributing to open source Software

- Ability to quickly understand different programming languages

- Ability to analyze unknown code source

- Interest in learning new stuff

- Communicate well with diverse open source communities

- English language

Project examples and tech stacks:

- CLA-Assistant: NodeJS, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes

- Disclosure-Portal:

o   ORT: OpensourceReviewToolkit (Java, gravel, Kotlin) -> Eines davon mindestens

o   Frontend free choice (e.g.: javascript + Angular.js/vue.js/react)

o   Backend free choice (e.g.: GoLang, Java, etc.)

o   SPDX (XML-based)

o   Non-relational DB

o   Docker, Kubernetes

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