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Performance Marketing Manager

Location: Global Type: Full-time

Headquarters: Melbourne, AUS 

Are you a killer ad strategist looking to propel your career in social media marketing?


If your answer was a resounding ‘YES!’, read on because we have an exciting opportunity for you! We’re looking for a Performance Marketing Manager who would love to work…


????  from anywhere in the world
????  on your own hours
????  with exciting FMCG, Hospitality & Lifestyle brands that align with you
????  in a flexible environment built on mutual respect and accountability

But first, here’s a little bit about us.



We are optimistic
We are all weird
We work as a team
We are accountable

We are a Melbourne-based social media agency, founded on the principles of ‘fewer clients, more results. We only work with brands we love so that we can deliver the best results.

Our vision is to build a company where we all love what we do. For that reason, we do our best to pair passionate professionals with brands they love. We pride ourselves on an environment that’s based on mutual respect, accountability and passion. We eagerly seek diversity of background and skillset and are focused on the alignment of attitude and energy. We’re a flexible working agency so you can work hours and locations that suit you.

We value ideas, passion, and drive. Our people come from a range of backgrounds: big-shot ad agencies, crisis management, site-specific theatre, photography, one of them wrote an honours thesis on #foodstagram, another one is famous in Germany. You get the picture.


1. You get to love what you do

Our agency was built on the philosophy of ‘loving what you do’. Because how else are you going to create awesome work?

As our Performance Marketing Manager, you’ll be assigned work that genuinely interests and excites you. Our agency is very creative so you have free reign to come up with strategic ideas for your clients and make them happen! We’re open to any suggestions about your processes and/or workload so you can create your dream job.

2. You get to work with an optimistic team that values you and your work

Eight Clients is made up of an outstanding collection of weirdos who make it a point to find the bright spots. Humans aren’t wired to focus on the positive, but we’ve trained ourselves to go against the grain. After years of being an agency, we found that it’s always productive to focus on what is working well and do more of that.

We channel this positive mindset into celebrating your every win, however small it may be. Chat us up on our #milestones Slack channel about the amazing client meeting you just had or the delicious pot roast you made for dinner and we’ll be cheering you on either way.

3. You can work remotely and own your hours

Plan on working from a beachside villa in Bali? Awesome. That’s 100% possible with our remote working policy. We love for our employees to live amazing lives and want you to feel free to work from anywhere.

We’re also super flexible with time. All we care about is that you’re happy and the clients are happy. As long as you get your work done on time and to a high standard, we don’t care about where you’re working or what hours you’re working.

If you are in a different time zone, we’ll set up a meeting and agree on working hours. Ideally, skew them towards Melbourne hours.

4. There’s tons of opportunity for growth

One of the perks of working for a small but rapidly expanding team is the opportunities for growth and promotion. As we scale our business, we’ll need to fill higher positions- and you can bet we’ll be looking at you. In the meantime, you’ll be exposed to big global and local clients across several industries, which really wouldn’t hurt your resume ????

We also offer extensive Instagram and Facebook ads training courses, to which you will have full access to grow your client’s accounts. If you want to take a course on something innovative and new within the digital space, let us know! We’re all ears.

5. You get to prioritise your mental health

We take your well-being seriously here. We acknowledge that you aren’t a machine that’s meant to be smashing at a desk for 8 hours straight.

That’s why we’re currently offering unlimited mental health/sick days to help support the team during Covid-19 lockdowns and beyond. So you’ll be free to take that mental health break if you need to! No questions asked here.

All of our employees are also entitled to $500 per year to spend on whatever you like in relation to supporting your holistic wellbeing. Whether it’s workout gear, a visit to your mental health professional or a subscription to Knitting Mag, there’s no judgement from us.

We believe that when you are at your best mentally and physically, you’ll be doing your best work. Repeat the cliche after us: self-care isn’t selfish.

Here’s what you’ll need to do: 

???? Lead the advertising strategy development of social media advertising campaigns for our clients
???? Coordinate & delegate tactical work and ensure excellence within the advertising service we provide
???? Oversee social media advertising from strategy to execution
???? Develop cutting-edge strategies and keep your finger on the pulse of the Social Media advertising landscape
???? Create insightful client-facing reports from this data that speak to clients’ business goals
???? Understand client needs and writing briefs/proposals and creating campaigns in line with said briefs
???? Monitor campaign performance in line with KPIs and manage ads budget

We’d love it if you had…

???? Demonstrated agency experience
???? A minimum of 3 years working with Facebook Business Manager
???? Experience creating and executing ad strategies for eCommerce and Lead Gen clients
???? An understanding of the data in all Google Analytics/Facebook Business Manager reports, and other analytics platforms, in order to provide sophisticated insights for clients. Including but not limited to attribution, funnels, audiences/demographics, devices.
???? Knowledge on the latest developments in the social media advertising space, including new functionality and guideline changes to Facebook/Instagram
???? Experience creating social media ad strategies tailored to the client’s businesses objectives, KPIs, audiences and budget

How to Apply
You can apply for this role on our website. Please complete the form below and be sure to include the name of the job you’re applying for and your CV. Please also let us know which metric you consider most important for monitoring an eCom client?

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