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Remote Marketing Manager

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At Profit for Contractors we’re dedicated to helping trades-related business owners systemize their companies in order to save time, make more money, and gain control of their day-to-day operations. We provide business coaching through means of online courses, 1on1 online coaching sessions, and group training.


#1 outcome over the next 6 months: Develop a strategic plan and process for generating leads and sales that leads to $300K MRR in new product sales (self check out).


What we are really looking for is a partner in changing our clients’ lives. Someone to collaborate with and work with as an equal. You will be in charge of all marketing activities. We will be in charge of all Operations, and essentially, be the face of the brand. 


We are looking for someone who has experience in marketing and sales, but is open to learning new and different ways of doing things. And I mean DIFFERENT. Not the same webinar and VSL tactics. We take a creative approach to our marketing and sales, and we do it in a way that serves our audience BEFORE they pay us. Plus, we transform the lives of the clients we serve. :-) 


We need someone who can get into the weeds and run ads, write copy, build funnels -- but also knows when to step back and look at the big picture strategically and delegate to others when necessary. And we especially need someone who is an action taker and can implement a lot, very quick. The code word is quick. Not many people can keep up with our pace of work and dedication to the business and the people we serve. We need someone who can keep up, and even surpass us in this area of marketing & business development. 

Pay is negotiable, but we anticipate this role being a $70,000 to $90,000 salary with potentially a commission or bonus for a real rock star. 



These may vary but might look like...

  1. Pinpoint key strategic relationships and nurture those relationships with the CEO
  2. Map out marketing campaigns and execute them from start to finish (tech, copy, ads, etc).
  3. Manage contractors and lead the creative direction of marketing campaigns (we have a VA, copywriter, and ads team… we just need someone to manage them)
  4. Help with hiring creative team when needed (we want to hire a tech / funnel builder and sales rep to close through conversations and manage our CRM)
  5. Help create and build key processes within marketing & sales (our CRM process, our sales process, our lead generation and marketing campaign project management, data analysis and KPI dashboards, etc. CEO and our executive assistant will help with this).


Who will we be a good fit?


  1. Our highest values are honesty and integrity. We are a direct communicator and say it how it is. We also believe in doing what you say you’re going to do. We expect the same in return. 
  2. Our culture is super chill. We’re silly and joke around. We talk about coaching and new ways to help our audience a lot. We’re friends outside of work. When we come together, we’re super efficient and get the job done. It’s a good balance of work and play.
  3. Everyone’s feedback and input matters. If you have a good idea, and it’s approved by the team, we expect you to run with it and show us the results next time we talk. All good ideas are welcome, especially if the clients love it. 
  4. Constant communication is a must. Work whenever you want. Set your own hours. Work from whatever timezone. Just make sure you get the job done and communicate to the team what you’re working on.  


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