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Scientific Software Developer

Location: Type: Full-time

Scientific Software Developer / Backend Developer

Why Kepler Fi?

Founded and operated by passionate investors and technologists, our purpose is to disrupt traditional investment strategies. 

You could join our group of outstanding developers who are in the business of prototyping and developing advanced technology tools to transform investment decision-making. 

We invest in startups and develop proprietary products with an order of magnitude impact on billions of dollars of capital. 

If you are interested in learning about financial forecasting, opinion aggregation, the psychology of decision making, real estate, and stock market investing, this is the role for you.

About this Opportunity: Scientific Software Engineer

We are looking for extremely bright and intellectually curious people who enjoy experimenting and rapid prototyping. 

You might be a researcher, fresh PHD grad, developer, scientist, data scientist or engineer, or even a business analysts. The key requirement is the ability to think from first principles and have the technical fluency to quickly turn your ideas into working code.

We are a remote-first team looking for candidates in/or willing to work European time zone. 


€40,000 - 50,000 + quarterly cash bonus

About Us

We offer you a positive work environment that values creative problem solving, open communication, and a flat hierarchy.

We focus on development speed. We are a rapid prototyping group that develops technical solutions. Our solutions aim to establish the product-market fit of disruptive investment decision-making tools in one of the world’s largest institutional investment firms.

Our tools employ machine learning, statistical analysis, time series forecasting, data pipelines, process automation, and workflow management, among other techniques to address some of the most intellectually stimulating problems in our industry.

Why join our Rapid Prototyping Group (RPG)-

Focus on writing code and solving engineering problems in intellectually challenging domains: We believe in 30 hours of focused engineering time per week. Each week you will have no more than 5 hours of meetings, with remaining time to be spent on mastering new technologies and business domains to incorporate into your technical projects.

Learn New Skills and Technologies: The Rapid Prototyping Group is focused on building technical proof of concepts that solve complex and intellectually challenging problems in the domain of investment decision-making.

You will develop your skill-set not just as a software engineer but as a subject matter expert. Our engineers develop deep subject matter expertise. Our projects span time series forecasting, opinion aggregation, decision-making uncertainty, machine learning, and automation. 

Efficient Development Process: We use Test Driven Development for an efficient and low frustration development cycle. Yes, it increases the upfront development time. It requires us to have a deep understanding of the solution space. Still, it also benefits us in reducing reworks and speed in creating new features. We develop each project from the ground up, with limited need to integrate. This means we can use efficient CI/CD systems and not worry about integrating them into legacy codebases and systems.

Quarterly Cash Performance Bonuses: Our projects are short, and this allows you to show impact fast through the quality of your solutions. We reward this through quarterly cash bonuses on top of your regular compensation.

What you’ll bring:

You might be a software engineer, quantitative researcher, machine-learning specialist, financial analyst, technical product manager, or data scientist today. What we look for is your potential:

  • Passion for rapid development and prototyping of new tools and systems

  • Creative problem-solving skills

  • Independently minded – you have strong opinions about how things should be done and make them happen.

  • Deep intellectual curiosity; interest in investments, finance, commercial real estate investing or decision making under uncertainty

  • Rational and outcome-oriented approach to development - Code is not art. You believe that the purpose of software engineering is to change the world and evaluate the quality of your product based on the business impact your software creates. 

  • Hacker - you get most excited by building, prototyping, and finding the best solution through experimentation. Though this is investing, so logically sound code is essential.

  • Experience in one or more of Python, Go, Julia or R and a willingness to be flexible in your working language depending on the project needs

 The standard stuff:

  • Based in Europe or willing to work in the European time zone

  • Experience developing enterprise-grade data apps

  • Working knowledge of AWS cloud services

  • Proficiency in statistics, finance, probability theory

  • Working proficiency with databases and basic SQL / ORM of your choice

  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills to be able to interact effectively with a diverse team

  • Self-motivated and able to work in a team environment

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