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Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Location: Type: Full-time

What we look for:

Our best engineers are collaborative and selfless. They enjoy writing code but they prioritize mentoring and supporting others. They leave code cleaner than when they found it but don’t insist on particular patterns. They optimize for simplicity and readability. They are involved in the full lifecycle of software development: understanding the requirements, designing the solution, writing the code, testing the code, testing the integration, deploying it to production, and monitoring the deployment. They are fully engaged in the problem domain.

What you will do:

As a senior full-stack engineer on the Flashpoint Threat Operations team, you will work closely with the Flashpoint intelligence analysts to support their needs in an ever changing environment. You must take care that the team's applications are reliable, responsive, simple, and predictable.

Your main technical responsibilities will include:

  • Build, maintain, and document both internal and customer-facing UIs and APIs

  • Build and design dashboards that showcase data in a variety of formats

  • Build, maintain, and document applications that consume streaming data

  • Design projects lasting from one to three months.

  • Design testing strategies for your apps, including integration, performance, functional, and failure scenarios

  • Collaborate with the product team as well as cyber threat, fraud, and security experts to understand the problems that customers want to solve

  • Collaborate with the data and operations teams to design infrastructure that supports the applications you will be building

  • Identify opportunities for automation and drive process improvements

As a senior member of the team, you will also be responsible for driving the technical direction and architecture of applications and processes, as well as encouraged to set examples and provide guidance to other team members. A desire to train and mentor others, explain your decisions, and conduct thorough code reviews is preferred.

Technologies you will work with:

The core responsibility of an engineer on the team is to build and maintain well-running applications. This means you must work with:

  • Business Intelligence platforms such as Tableau, Looker and Snowflake

  • Cloud providers like AWS and GCP

  • Containers technologies like Docker and Kubernetes

  • Javascript frameworks like React and Redux

  • Python web frameworks like Flask and Django

  • Python testing frameworks like pytest

  • Search databases like Elasticsearch and Solr

  • Streaming pipelines using tools like Kafka, AWS MSK, and Google PubSub

  • Key/Value stores like Redis, Cassandra, and BigTable

  • Monitoring tools like ElasticAPM, Prometheus, and Grafana

Our developers succeed when they know how their work fits in within the entire infrastructure. They integrate their work with the data team’s or operation team’s stack. Therefore, engineers on all of our teams have a chance to work with a varied list of technologies, like:

  • API frameworks like GraphQL and OpenAPI

  • Configuration management and IaC tools like Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and Terraform

What you will bring:

  • 5+ years experience as a software engineer

  • Experience leading projects from idea to production

  • Proficiency in Python

What else would be great:

  • Experience developing security tools or any type of security-oriented background

  • Proficiency in JavaScript

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