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Senior Software Engineer - Backend (SaaS)

Location: USA Type: Full-time

Headquarters: Remote

**About Lennd:**
Lennd ( is a SaaS platform that powers the backend of live events. From onboarding Bruno Mars to the Kansas City Chiefs to your friendly catering manager at the next big festival, Lennd makes it easy for live events to onboard event participants and collect and distribute critical information, such as credentials (e.g. VIP Pass, Worker wristbands), catering (e.g. breakfast for event staff), assets (e.g. golf carts, radios), documents (e.g. vendor COIs) and more.

**About You:**
You are a Senior Software Engineer that is actively programming (you haven’t been managing for the past 3 years). You have an eye to grow into a VP of Engineering role (and beyond) or start your own company someday and are hungry to be the technical leader for a B2B SaaS solution in a hot industry (live events).

You don’t know much about event operations (great if you do!), but solving problems for some of the world's biggest events and organizations (PGA, NFL, Presidential Inauguration, Outside Lands, Governors Ball, Life is Beautiful and beyond) is intriguing and leading the charge as the technical leader excites you.

You play well with others across engineering, product, customer success and management. You have leadership qualities (hint: you communicate clearly) and naturally make those around you better at what they do.

You’ve seen some stuff. 3AM beeper calls. Platform outages. Database failures. Humbling postmortems. You’ve been around the SaaS block and can provide guidance on minimizing downtime and will be there (or ensure a teammate is there) when downtime does (very rarely) occur.

You’re confident in making decisions around data architecture. You write tests. You’ve scaled platforms. You haven’t scaled platforms and have learned from it. You make mistakes but are quick to own them. You aren’t a node.js master (great if you are!) but you’ve written enough code where a new framework (or language) is no big thing. You have an opinion about node.js being used to scale SaaS platforms, good or bad. You can write performant SQL queries and reduce poor performing queries to detect weak points. You know your way around AWS (or similar) and can wield a service when it is needed. You’ve worked on microservices and monoliths.

You are located in the United States.

**Your Toolbelt:**
GitHub, Heroku, LaunchDarkly, SendGrid, AWS, CircleCI, Pusher, Rollbar, Papertrail, FullStory, Segment, Pingdom

**Your Stack:**
- React.js (w/ redux, sagas and webpack)
- Node.js (w/ express.js and sequelize)
- Heroku
- AWS (S3, SQS, CloudFront)
- PostgreSQL

**Your teammates:**
You’ll work closely with the front-end, back-end, product, customer success, sales, marketing and management teams. With team members in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Utah, Texas, Delaware and beyond, expect to learn about a new place (virtually) every day.

- Work with product manager and engineering team (2 backend, 3 front-end) to help distill product requirements into work to be completed
- Work alongside the backend engineering team to maintain and extend the monolithic API and the public API that powers the Lennd platform, built on node.js and hosted on Heroku
- While your primary goal will be helping oversee the backend, you will work closely with the front-end engineering team and will provide guidance on larger technical decisions
- Maintain AWS services including S3 (static file storage), SQS (job queues) and CloudFront (CDN delivery of static assets)
- Maintain CI/CD pipelines (we use CircleCI and Github)
- Help distill product requirements into data architecture decisions
- Help maintain and spread a culture of testing, including setting and meeting coverage benchmarks
- Keep a pulse on and periodically work with the CEO to understand costs of services used to power the platform (e.g. servers, services, etc.)
-Write and refactor SQL queries to be more performant (we use PostgreSQL)
- Write new models, migrations and seeds when necessary using Sequelize (a node.js library)
- Put necessary measures in place to scale the API and workers (e.g. load balancing, dyno size, pooling)
- Enforce and encourage proper security best practices across engineering teams
- Review pull requests with an eye for security and scalability
Leverage logging to understand high risk flags and alerts (e.g. alerts in Slack when certain exceptions are seen)

- Work remotely
- Macbook Pro
- Home office or co-working space stipend
- Health Insurance
- Attending events we work with

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