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Senior Software Engineer, Front-End Architecture

Edinburgh ,UK

ruby on rails

hotwire rails

stimulus reflex

1 year

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Senior Software Engineer, Front-End Architecture

Location: Edinburgh, UK Type: Full-time

About This Role

FreeAgent is a Ruby on Rails application (Rails 6.1, Ruby 3) that has been serving happy customers since 2007. Over the years we have seen a number of approaches to our front-end code, from the early days of Prototype.js, through to jQuery, React and Stimulus.

We believe the Rails front-end ecosystem has entered a new era of maturity and we want the Front-end Architecture team to help us consolidate our front-end tech around modern Rails standards – ES6, Webpacker, Stimulus and Hotwire – while working closely with our Design System team on our home-grown design system, FreeStyle.

You'll help us remove jQuery while crafting our views and controllers to use Turbo, beautifully minimal Stimulus controllers (and removing JS where possible!), semantic markup and helping to integrate new components from FreeStyle.

This is a rewarding role made for Rails craftspeople.

Read more about how we work on our engineering blog.


If you have a particular passion and talent for writing lean views and controllers in Ruby on Rails code using Stimulus and Hotwire, this could be the ideal job for you!

Some other things we look for in candidates:

  • Experience of building SaaS apps with Ruby on Rails

  • Attention to detail. We value people who believe a job worth doing is worth doing right

  • Pragmatism; being committed to getting things done while understanding tradeoffs

  • A high level of self-motivation and self-awareness

  • A commitment to ongoing self-development, improving both technical and soft skills. If you have the commitment, we can provide opportunities for you.

  • Strong communication skills. Being able to write well and articulate your thoughts are great skills to have in any business.

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