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Let's start with why we exist.

Fleet builds open source software to manage and secure computing infrastructure: employee laptops, cloud servers, and more. Our technology helps IT and security teams build trust within their organization, while getting their jobs done more effectively.

Fleet is an all-remote company with experienced founders, including two creators of popular open source projects and a compelling lead investor. Our business model is inspired by the success of GitLab and Elastic, and we have incredible early customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

What happens when you join us?

  • As the first senior engineering hire, this position offers huge potential for growth.

  • You will write significant open source code, merging commits in your first days at the company.

  • You will work closely with the CTO and CEO to define technical and product vision.

  • Over time, you will establish yourself as a leader in Fleet's growing team and user community, whether through management or expert-level individual contributions.

Why should you join us?

  • Work from anywhere with good internet. (We're 100% remote. No office. No commute.)

  • Help make endpoint monitoring less intrusive and more transparent.

  • Safeguard the production servers and employee laptops of Earth's largest companies.

  • Build greenfield features and make key technical decisions that go live in days.

  • Most (if not all) of the code you write is public and highly visible at

Are you our new teammate?

  • You are competent with source control in Git. You have great written communication skills.

  • You can mentor other developers and do code reviews. Maybe you managed open source projects before; maybe you collaborated closely with more junior engineers at work.

  • You look forward to working with designers to improve the user experience of stuff you work on.

  • You bring senior talent to our team and open source community, with 4+ years of equivalent experience in one or more of the Engineering Foundations below (and interest in digging into the others).

  • Nice to have: Experience working on an all-remote, distributed team.

  • Nice to have: Experience working in IT operations and/or cybersecurity.

  • Nice to have: Experience working with Mobile Device Management (MDM) APIs.

  • Nice to have: Experience deploying/monitoring/managing containers with Docker/K8s.

Engineering Foundations

An ideal senior candidate has 4+ years equivalent experience in one or more of the following three engineering foundations (and interest in digging into the others):

I. Frontend

Fleet’s frontend is a single page application (SPA) written in JavaScript with React and Redux. We strive for “convention over configuration”, offering a user experience that helps security and IT staff enjoy their jobs. There are many interesting challenges in helping our users understand the data collected from their laptops and servers.

  • Experience building and architecting SPAs in JavaScript/Typescript (2+ years of equivalent experience with React specifically.)

  • Expert CSS skills (we use Sass)

  • Ability to recommend and implement frontend testing patterns (E2E tests, etc.)

  • Nice to have: Experience developing responsive applications.

  • Nice to have: Familiarity with frontend performance profiling and optimization.

  • Nice to have: Experience building data visualizations (graphs, charts, etc.)

  • Nice to have: Experience with React Native, Electron.js, or similar.

II. Backend

Fleet’s server is written in Go with go-kit. Deployments range from single servers to over 100,000 clients connected to horizontally scaled Fleet servers, handling tens of thousands of requests per minute. We aim to keep Fleet’s deployment as simple as possible to ease self-hosted deployment. MySQL and Redis are used for persistence and caching.

  • Experience building scalable, production quality servers.

  • Ability to recommend and implement backend testing patterns (E2E tests, etc.)

  • Familiarity with server and SQL performance profiling and optimization.

  • Familiarity with database migration strategies.

  • Nice to have: Experience programming with Go and go-kit.

  • Nice to have: Experience with Redis and/or MySQL.

  • Nice to have: Experience deploying and operating hosted SaaS services.

  • Nice to have: Experience working with Mobile Device Management (MDM) APIs.

  • Nice to have: Experience deploying/monitoring/managing containers with Docker/K8s

III. Endpoints

Fleet builds on top of the osquery agent (, a Linux Foundation OSS project. Our CTO co-created osquery and serves on the Technical Steering Committee. On the endpoint we are building Orbit, a wrapper for osquery that will also become our platform for deploying additional open-source software such as Fleet Desktop (an interface for device users to interact with Fleet).

  • Experience developing applications on macOS, Linux, and/or Windows.

  • Familiarity with packaging tools: macOS .pkg, Linux .deb, Linux .rpm, Windows .msi, etc.

  • Familiarity with service persistence: macOS launchd, Linux systemd, Windows Services, etc.

  • Experience with building cross-platform user interfaces.

  • Experience managing and debugging performance of software installed on endpoints.

  • Readiness to write code that will directly impact performance for hundreds of thousands of people.

  • Nice to have: Go (for Orbit) and C++ (for osquery) programming experience.

  • Nice to have: Experience building and securing update systems for endpoint software.

  • Nice to have: Experience with low-level system APIs in macOS, Linux, and/or Windows.

Please include a few sentences about your experience with the Engineering Foundations in the "Experience" box of the application.

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