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Location: Type: Full-time

At Staircase, we are looking for curious, motivated, compassionate, lifelong learners. We believe that professional satisfaction comes from being able to express your own creativity and personal style in work that demonstrates your current skill set and also the boundaries of your knowledge that you seek to expand. We believe in mentorship and considerate teaching to unlock maximum success for all members of the Staircase team.

As part of our team, you will learn how to craft your role and career to get the most out of yourself, your team, and your experience. After working with us, you will hopefully learn to see opportunities in any role or situation.

At Staircase, the product organization is divided into builders and planner roles. The Software
Engineer is a builder who designs, builds, tests, ships and runs services. You are the type of engineer that gets excited about complex AWS architecture. As Staircase is heavily invested in coaching and mentoring employees, you should be a person with a huge ability to learn and desire to improve.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborating with the Product Engineer to groom user stories
  • Working with the Product Engineer to confirm that the code and acceptance tests reflect the desired functionality; writing the code
  • Conducting research, design, spikes and other exploration activities
  • Creating unit tests and automated acceptance tests
  • Using design and coding best practices to build high-quality services
  • Create effective documentation publish as part of the continuous delivery pipeline
  • Automated acceptance test cases Executing acceptance tests and maintaining the test cases in a shared repository Continuous improvement of the teams process
  • Optimize work style and effort to deliver minimum 5 points of complexity per iterations
  • Optimize continuous delivery pipeline for higher velocity, better quality and documentation

Ideal Experience

Qualified candidates likely will have the following capabilities, though we realize amazing talent comes in many shapes and forms and these are not hard-and-fast rules:

Key Qualifications:
- Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or Physics, or equivalent industry experience
- 3+ years of professional work experience in Software Engineering
- Proficiency in Python
- Proficiency in AWS infrastructure as code disciplines and tool
- Proficiency in AWS cloud native software/services
- Proficiency in building highly instrumented software/services
- Proficiency in test first practices and tools
- Experience in building services native to Blue/Green and zero downtime deployments
- Experience in highly automated continuous delivery pipeline
- Experience in API design frameworks with extensive referenceable API designs
- Proven leadership skills including: mentoring, coaching, and collaboration; able to inspire or mentor junior and senior team members.

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