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Software Engineering Manager - Take Our Dev Team to the Next Level


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Software Engineering Manager - Take Our Dev Team to the Next Level

Location: Type: Full-time

Digital Masterplanning is building a robust in-house development team for the long haul and we are looking for an experienced, well-rounded, and technically savvy Engineering Manager to lead the effort.

As Engineering Manager, your responsibilities include:

  • Hiring/onboarding/training new software development team staff

  • Sprint and task management

  • Version release schedule management

  • QA/QC, code review, and testing

  • Software development team representation to other departments, management, and stakeholders

  • Developing a cohesive, trusting, and accountability-driven culture within the team

  • Establishing and refining development processes and procedures

  • Monitoring progress, team dynamics, and productivity

  • Coordinating with Product Manager to ensure deliverables to the development team are clear, organized, and effective

  • Building a world-class development team capable of executing the feature roadmap as laid out by management

In order to effectively carry out this role, you should have:

  • 5+ years of experience in a software management role

  • Experience in implementing and maintaining Agile and Scrum practices

  • High degree of both technical acumen and people-management skills

  • Ability to effectively represent the development team and communicate status to other departments, management, and stakeholders

  • Passion for guiding, developing, and empowering team members

  • 5+ years experience in coding JavaScript

Good to have experience working with: Vue.js, AWS, Docker, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Cesium

Digital Masterplanning’s SaaS / PaaS tech stack consists of:

Frontend: Vue2, Javascript, Bootstrap, Cesium

Backend: AWS ECS (Node.js / Express), RDS / Aurora (PostgreSQL / PostGIS), S3, TerraForm IAC

What are we developing?

Digital Masterplanning is a cloud-based platform built to centralize, de-risk, and accelerate the real estate and infrastructure development process.

The real estate and infrastructure development industry is decades behind when it comes to advancements in cloud-based collaboration, data integration, and geospatial technology. Entire sectors of the industry are built around archaic processes and outdated software, resulting in projects that are over budget, behind schedule, and less profitable.

dmp. allows users to identify opportunities, render projects in 3D, forecast financial scenarios, and craft powerful presentations. It centralizes work that would ordinarily be done by numerous professionals over the course of weeks into one platform where it can be accomplished in days or even hours. In doing so, dmp. yields considerable gains in cost and time efficiency and drives better outcomes for all stakeholders.

What does my day-to-day look like?

As our software engineering manager, you will have significant control over what your day-to-day looks like. Right now, we use Trello for sprint management and feature-specific communication, Slack for general and quick communication, and GitLab as our repo. However, part of your role will entail identifying and codifying the workflow that best serves your team, and we won't ever let inertia stand in the way of a better process.

How can I advance my career?

When you join Digital Masterplanning, you aren’t just joining a startup. You’re joining a team of experienced, driven professionals and a company making deliberate, sustainable progress. Our team is lean by design, giving you the opportunity to make pivotal decisions and see Digital Masterplanning’s success directly reflected in your compensation, benefits package, and career advancement.

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