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Support Engineer - Australia, USA and UK

Location: Type: Full-time
Octopus Deploy is one of Australia’s fastest-growing and most successful software companies. Today we help over 150,000 people worldwide to deliver working software to production.  

In many companies, support is an afterthought, a low-paid position with all the responsibility of keeping customers happy, but with no power to actually make a difference in the product and no real support from the product team. Support staff is ignored when it comes to product planning, but they're left to deal with the angry emails when bad decisions impact customers. 

That is not this job. 

At Octopus Deploy, we understand that our product is a lot more than just the software; it's the entire customer experience. It's our ability to provide brilliant support that sets us apart from our competitors. It's through support that customers connect with us and have experiences that can either make them proud to have chosen us or regretful. With over 20,000 happy customers, we know that being able to provide personable, friendly, sincere, and ultimately helpful customer support is just as important as any line of code we write.   

If you agree with us that support is one of the most important jobs in the company, that support staff should be consulted on feature design and product changes, and you are really driven to impress and delight customers, then, we'd love to have you. Our theory is simple: we'll treat you like a star so that you can treat our customers like stars.

A typical day might include:

  • Help customers with any questions or problems they encounter via our support forum, email, Twitter, and any other channels

  • Create resources such as how-to's, documentation, and blog posts to help customers solve problems themselves

  • Be actively involved in the design of new features and other changes - any suggestions that you feel will reduce the support impact will be prioritised highly, and issues that appear in the support queue more than a couple of times will be fixed as a matter of priority

  • Play a huge part in leading and growing our support capability as our business grows. Have ideas to make your job easier or provide a better customer experience? We want to hear them.

You’ll be a great fit for this role if:

  • You have a friendly, positive, polite, and happy demeanor

  • You are a great communicator and can show examples of previous work (blog posts or documentation you've written, for example)

  • You can relate to customers and show empathy when there are issues and can take responsibility for ensuring they get resolved 

  • You are curious about learning technology and have either studied IT or have experience providing customer support for a software/IT product

  • Good knowledge of supporting and maintaining applications in corporate environments, as well as basic networking and system administration knowledge

  • You like to solve problems and ensure customers aren't just satisfied, but utterly delighted by your willingness to go the extra mile and help them

  • You like to work in a team

  • You can work from home and have a decent broadband connection capable of videoconferencing

  • You are able to work outside of business hours when required. We value work-life balance and believe that working overtime just makes people less productive. We can’t guarantee that everything will fall neatly into business hours, so where required we encourage you to find balance by taking time out during the day.

Additionally, experience with any of the following is a big plus:

  • Knowledge of Windows operating systems

  • Knowledge of *Nix operating systems

  • Any programming language

  • Any database technology

  • Any Cloud vendor (Azure, AWS, et al)

  • Any container technology

What’s in it for you:

  • While providing direct customer support via email and other channels is a big part of this job, we'll also ensure you have enough time to be able to learn new things, create resources to reduce the support demand, and to think of ways to delight customers and improve our product. 

  • You'll have a defined area of knowledge that we expect you to master over time, you will not be expected to know everything for everyone.

  • We'll provide the time, training, resources, and any support that you need to be effective.

  • We'll provide a powerful laptop of your choice to ensure you can be productive along with any other tools that you need

We have openings in Australia, the UK, and the USA, working alongside our support team in those countries.

You must live in either Australia, the USA, or the UK and have ongoing and unrestricted right to work.

In addition to a CV and a cover letter, If you have a blog, GitHub account, or similar, we'd love to see it.

Head to our careers page at Careers - Octopus Deploy and apply to the location that you are interested in.

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