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Technical QA and Software Delivery Manager

REMOTE - EST / CET - Eastern USA and EU



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Remote Jobs in REMOTE - EST / CET - Eastern USA and EU


Technical QA and Software Delivery Manager

Location: REMOTE - EST / CET - Eastern USA and EU Type: Full-time

(Full Time - 100% Remote Work)
Time Zone: Between ET and CET
Language: English Fluency

This opportunity is in a rapidly growing, disruptive global tech-startup

About us

Holochain is our new open-source framework infrastructure technology for distributed peer-to-peer applications. Holochain is fast, massively scalable, cost-effective, resource-efficient, and energy-efficient.

Holo, which is built on Holochain, is a distributed cloud platform and marketplace for hosting and serving other Holochain applications to everyday users connected to the Internet. Holo brings access to distributed applications to the familiar web browser by creating an ecosystem and a currency that enables distributed hosting services provided by peers. We are a funded startup releasing Alpha to customers and preparing for our Beta launch. 

With Holo, we envision a world where people own their own data and control their identity and privacy, a world where communities create together with patterns and tech designed to maximise individual, social and environmental well-being. Our aim is to make distributed peer-to-peer computing accessible to everyone.

Where you will fit in:

As the owner of technical QA for Holo, you will shepherd built products and features to our customers by bridging between our development, delivery, and support teams by building a deep understanding of the technical layers of Holochain as well as the Holo distributed hosting network and Holo hosting applications. We are looking for an extremely proactive energizing person who can direct the QA process and be responsive to our Tier 2 technical support needs so that the root cause can be determined and product teams can drive towards the resilience of our complex P2P architecture. This is a hands-on testing and analysis role that will lead to the development of the QA and product delivery functions for Holo.

Key Responsibilities

  • Inter-team Coordination and Process Definition for end-user releases
  • Test planning, documentation and testing of the integrated software platform
  • Defining and managing test environments and suitability of releases at different points in our release lifecycle
  • Provide layer-specific, detailed feedback and hypotheses to developers about defects
  • Decrease delivery cycle-time to our internal support teams
  • Be a change-leader to help level up the Holo team’s overall testing skill and rigor
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement with regards to inter-team processes, documentation, acceptance criteria definition, etc. 

Typical Tasks:

  • Participate regularly in Holo team standup meetings
  • Attend and coordinate end-user release swarms with customer success
  • Investigate Tier 2 technical issues / determine root causes of issues
  • Test recent changes at different stages of the life cycle (early dev testing, formal QA, etc.)
  • Provide documentation and technical support to pre-release testing initiatives create release documentation
  • Generate detailed test planning 
  • Pair with developers, product owners, and customer success as needed

Needed Skills:

  • Ability to listen carefully and deeply to pick up on nuances
  • Ability to style communication to different audiences and technical capacities
  • Ability to track complex workflows and design improvements to the overall process
  • Flexibility to deal with multiple teams, multiple time-zones and multiple pulls for participation
  • Being assertive and judicious about what you need from others to succeed
  • Creative problem solving
  • A scientific approach to testing that includes controls, managing variables, statistical analysis, and root cause analysis
  • Technical writing and orientation to documentation and diagrams

Desired Capabilities:

  • Orientation and track record for delivering results 
  • Motivation towards self-directed work and collaborative work 
  • Holding ambiguity and multiple perspectives simultaneously
  • Motivation for personal growth driven by self-awareness

Some details about what we offer:

  • Generous salary (National Currency)
  • Generous Bonus Program  (HoloFuel)
  • Supportive introductory period
  • Regular team meetings (video)
  • Collaborative and inspiring culture
  • Flexible work schedules and vacation
  • Motivated, passionately engaged and evolutionary global teammates

Holo is an equal opportunity employer, and we celebrate our diverse, creative, and collaborative team.

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